Leadership Transitioning 

So what is Leadership Transitioning? It is our mindset, personal awareness and our personal accountability to be able to actively navigate the chaos and constant change of our modern world and win. It is about our ability to be disciplined and passionate on our leadership journey to develop the personal skills and capabilities necessary to achieve excellence in an environment of constant change. It is about the ability to embrace change, envision success, adapt to the environment and surround ourselves with others committed to their own personal success.

We believe that Balanced Leadership Development is a critical tool to be used to measure our level of success. It is our belief that the most effective and successful leaders have learned how to balance not only their work life issues and concerns but all aspects of their personal lives. At JA Ondrus, we model and customize all of our coaching and training programs to the needs of our customers, their teams and their overall organization.

What We Offer

Leadership Development

Some people appear to be “born leaders” who exude charisma, decision making skills and personal power in a seemingly effortless and well- orchestrated manner. But for many individuals, there may be underlying leadership ability, but certain skills need to be discovered, honed and implemented in order to maximize their leadership success.

  • There is no question that being a passionate and effective leader can be a daunting task and from our perspective a life long endeavor of growth and development. One of the most significant elements of “power and impact” that each of us as leaders has, is the example and behaviors that we display as we act or react to situations. Someone once said, “It is not the situation that matters, it is how we react to the situation and the solutions that we choose, that is what matters.” There are tough decisions to be made. Projects need to be managed effectively and all the key elements need to be communicated so that they are received, processed and understood to engage our entire team optimally.

    JA Ondrus works with our customers in small groups and in one-on-one sessions to assist them to capitalize on their leadership skills and the business challenges that they face. We tackle challenges in a systematic and structured manner to assist each person to positively respond to, influence and impact results.

    We use a proven process of Experiential Learning as the base for our leadership development process. It is our belief and experience over the past 30 years that experiential learning tailored to the specific needs, values and culture of an organization is the most effective way to enhance success.

Coaching Leaders

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

Effective Leadership Coaching reinvigorates willing leaders, builds effective teams and enables a team to capitalize on their capabilities, opportunities using their corporate culture as a base.

  • Leadership coaching is not for everyone. It requires trust, discipline, honesty, clarity of goals, a clear why, personal commitment, an openness for feedback, a desire to change and an ownership and willingness to pay a price to attain desired results and outcomes. Effective coaching relationships require that the participant(s) and coach be willing to embrace appropriate change and bring their “A” game to each event. We need to be ready to respond to new ideas, opportunities and challenges with a crisp and clear mindset and a willingness to change the way that we do things.

    JA Ondrus has more than 30 years of experience of C-Suite level leadership training and coaching with leadership teams of Fortune 500 Companies. We have used this experience and expertise to develop a Leadership Transitioning Process to work with small-to-medium sized business owners who are open to change and desire to mentored and coached.

    Through our coaching process we emphasize:
    Personal accountability, measurable results and leadership development. Developing a mindset of passion to win and opening your eyes to the talent and opportunities surrounding you.

Health & Wellness

Balance is different for each individual and each organization. We focus on the following:

Physical & Health

Taking care of your physical health and that of your employees leads to happier, more productive individuals and better results.

Intellectual & Wealth

If leaders are committed to their team’s success, it is paramount that each leader have a mindset of personal learning and development.

Spiritual & Community

Spirituality means different things to each person. Committing yourself to spiritual health helps you focus on what is important.

Relationships & Communication

Most corporate initiatives fail. Not due to lack of value, but due to lack of communication. The same holds true for personal relationships.

  • JA Ondrus believes that the idea is simple. Achieve balance in the Four Key Areas of your life and you will have the platform to attain the success that you desire. Developing a mindset that provides the path toward a balanced life is where the challenge lies for many people.

    We utilize a proven method that we have enhanced called the Balanced Square and work with our clients to assist them to discover where there may be imbalances for them personally and within their organization. Once we identify these imbalances, we work with our clients to develop a plan to bring meaning and purpose to all areas of their lives. On the corporate side, we focus on education and assisting clients to understand the importance and effectiveness of their workplace culture. A positive and effective culture tends to attract and retain the best employees and enables them to make a positive impact and career within your organization.

Fast-Track: Proven Strategies for Young Professionals

“Know thyself.”

It’s a saying that’s as old as time. And advice that is timeless.

As a young professional, you’ve entered the workforce with optimism and hope for the future, and for  your career. Yet, deep down inside, you know that success, though it may be out there for the taking, won’t just be handed to you. You’ll have to earn it, and to work for it. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid plan now!

  • What’s your brand?

    Who are you, and what are you all about?

    What do you want to do with your career?

    What’s your plan to accomplish your goals?

    The answer to these and other similar questions will tell you what you need to know to truly move forward and develop a meaningful and successful career. They’re more than a road map. They’re your brand.

    FastTrack from JA Ondrus LLC is designed to help you clearly identify your goals as a young professional, as well as your personal strengths, and then develop strategies that will help you become what you want to be. Give us a call at (330) 754-5767, or email us for more information.