In today’s business world, successful companies must have concrete business strategies. Without them, sales, customer service, supply chain and other important initiatives would have no structure. It is important to think of your business strategy as a road map to guide your company and employees from Point A to Point B to Point C and beyond. It defines how you reach your goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

  • We will work with you to select a strategic partner that is knowledgeable about your core business area. We will work with this partner to incorporate your leadership team goals and strategies with your business strategy to ensure proper alignment of goals and objectives.

    Strategic Implementation

    The reason most corporate initiatives fail is because there is no process in place to implement them. It is unfortunate that many strong ideas go unused because there is no plan to carry them out. JA Ondrus partners with experts in the field of innovation and strategy implementation to help you bring about change and improved performance in your company.



Mergers and acquisitions are always difficult for companies. While they make sense from a business perspective, they are very emotional for organizations. There are leadership challenges for both companies, employee morale is often up and down and communications must be planned and monitored closely.

  • JA Ondrus has many years of experience working with leaders in all facets of an organization. We have seen companies survive and thrive after mergers and acquisitions. The ones that are successful have ensured that the leadership teams worked together throughout the transition. We utilize our experience in executive and leadership development, and work with strategic partners to help your company navigate the complexity of mergers and acquisitions.


Companies that are in tune with their employees tend to be more successful. Individuals at all levels of the organization feel engaged, teams work together toward sales goals and initiatives get accomplished. In fact, employee satisfaction is a major factor in the success of a company.

Employee surveys distributed and analyzed by an independent company can help define what is working and what isn’t without creating bias. JA Ondrus will connect your company with one of our strategic partners to coordinate and implement a survey to address your specific requirements and concerns.